Visit Hoan Vu High Technology Analysis Center

Posted date: 03/14/2019
January 31st, a working group of VSA led by chairman Nguyen Huu Dzung were on a visit to Hoan Vu High¬Tech Analysis Center and involved in a talk with its General Director Bui Xuan Hoang. MTV Science and Technology Hoan Vu.

Founded in April 2007, over 10 years of establishment and development, Hoan Vu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has affirmed its position in the field of analytical testing, becoming a control room. The most modern experience in the country about analyzing, retrieving and authenticating the origins of foods, agricultural products, aquatic products, consumer goods, animal feed, industrial products, environment,... The Center also carries out the consultancy on construction of chemical, physico-chemical, microbiological laboratory satisfying ISO/IEC international standard.

Mr. Hoang said: “With 12 gas chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography equipment, along with other devices, we can check more than 800 parameters on food, animal feed and consumer goods. In the past year, the laboratory has tested samples of about 20,000 tons of honey from all over the country, along with many agricultural products, exported to the US and EU markets."

The Center uses a method of stable isotope ratios - mass spectrometry to verify the origin and food safety criteria. Different stable isotope indexes will help to verify the geographic origin, soil and fertilizer conditions, production processes, actual mixing cheats ... of each food product.

The testing procedures at the Center are strictly controlled according to the highest international standards. Agricultural and seaproducts produced under Viet GAP or Global GAP standards are sampled, coded and authenticated for food safety and its origin. If the food meets the criteria, it can be certified for export.

Talking about the development orientation in the coming time, Mr. Hoang saids that the Center will continue to develop and apply more scientific and technological advances to rise. He said: “If you want to reach the offshore, you must have a big and modern boat. So is it time for Vietnam’s mariculture industry to develop and apply modern technology? "

Dr Nguyen Huu Dzung proposed establishment of a database of major cultured species in Vietnam based by the stable isotope ratio and heavy metals methods to help distinguish Vietnamese fish origin. Accordingly, the two sides agreed to work together to meet international requirements and standards for food safety for Vietnamese marine farming products.

Huyen Ngan


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