Vietnamese Fisheries: 60 years of growth, development and integration

Posted date: 05/06/2019
(VSA - 06/05/2019) March 31st 2019, the Directorate of Fisheries (D-FISH) under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) coordinated with the provincial administration of Quang Ninh to hold the 60th anniversary of Vietnamese Fisheries’ Traditional Day, which was lively broadcast on VTV 2.

To attend the ceremony, there were Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Trinh Dinh Dung, leadership at all levels, and representatives of the Party, State, provinces and cities, in addition to a great number of socio-professional   organizations (included the fisheries, seafood, etc.), fishermen, farmers, media and press agencies, and many special guests from abroad.

This anniversary should be a milestone for us to look back the whole process of Vietnamese fisheries, from the early days of formation, gone through growth up, ascendance and deep integration into the world’s economy; hence, build a strategy to promote the image of Vietnamese seafood on global.

Despite of facing countless difficulties and challenges, thanks to its long tradition of enduring efforts, most of manpower in the Vietnamese fisheries (state management, business community, fishermen and other labors) have done their best to turn the profession from a small-scale manufacturing sector to a key and indispensable actor in the national economy.

Since 2003, the offshore fishing has received better appreciations, that makes a greater contribution to the sea-island sovereignty; and the promulgation of Fisheries Law (2003, amended in 2017), basically, has set up a legal framework for the continually rapid growth of Vietnamese Fisheries, and marked a significant shift in managerial mindset, from raising the “people’s fisheries” to cultivating a “modern industry”, in a more sustainable and environmental-friendly way, to satisfy the requirements of international integration.

For 6 decades, the Vietnamese Fisheries has experienced a miracle progress. For example, the 2018’s seafood productivity already reached 7.8 millions tons, increased 5.6 times against 1995’s; Meanwhile, Vietnamese marine products have been exported to nearly 170 countries and territories in the world, yielding the export turnover of around $ 9 billions; On the other hand, a robust community of more than 600 enterprises (purchasing, processing, trading) has also been creating jobs for almost 5 millions labors nationwide; And a position in the world’s top 4 for seafood export is completely a fruitfulness.   

 In his speech of congratulation and gratefulness, DPM Dung really acknowledged and highly appraised the great efforts and contributions of Vietnamese Fisheries to the national economic development and   defense missions. Then, he pointed out 5 key priorities that the entire industry should consider in the forthcoming:

  1. Sea must be conceived as a vital component of nation’s sacred sovereignty, space for existence, gateway of international exchange;
  2. The development of marine economy in general, and fisheries in particular, should follow the principle of sustainability, underlining the green growth, biodiversity protection and marine ecosystem preservation;
  3. The Vietnamese fisheries needs to speed up its innovation and quickly upgrade its production relations, focusing on activities like cooperation, affiliation and M&A, etc.
  4. Take prompt actions to establish the Vietnamese seafood brand cementing with quality, safety and sustainability;
  5. Develop a thriving fisheries to lift up the living conditions and welfare of people, not only the fishermen community.

 Last but not least, DPM called upon authorities, industries and people to honor the noble value of fisheries and other marine resources to human being. For that reason, he said, we ought to make our nonstop attempt to improve the awareness in fishing, exploit and protect those resources, in a more sustainable approach, to make Vietnam a marine power that’s wealthy by the sea. 

Source: Ngoc Thuy (Ficen/Directorate of Fisheries)       Translated by Hai Dang


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