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Posted date: 02/12/2019
The precious qualities which bring success to Mr Nguyen Huu Tinh, director of Dac Loc Seafood Co., Ltd, are frankly, passionate to learn science and technology achievements, not afraid of difficulties, ready to pioneer and take risks. Dac Loc in Song Cau town, Phu Yen province is a typical enterprise of high-tech shrimp aquaculture, and also a leading enterprise involving in local social activities.

Talking about aquacul­ture industry in Phu Yen, Dac Loc Seafood Co., Ltd is always mentioned as a bright spot, the pride of the province on sustainable development, appli­cation of technology and good production practices. Initially, the company had only a sea­food-trading base. After a decade of development, the company is now doing diverse business in associated with producing and trading seafood, shrimp hatchery and farming, providing feed and veterinary medicine, researching and applying new technologies to aquaculture.

With more than 50 hectares of shrimp hatchery station and farms in Xuan Hai Commune, Song Cau town (Phu Yen province), and more than 400 employees, Dac Loc is the leading company in shrimp hatch­ery and grow-out in the province. Yearly, there are many enterpris­es, farmers, scientists, provincial authorities from the north-most Mong Cai (Quang Ninh province) to the south-most Ca Mau prov­ince, carry out the study tour to visit and learn the models, hatch­ery station and shrimp farming operations in the company.

Director Le Huu Tinh presented the development of the company with the VSA Delegation.

Nearly 12pm, Mr Le Huu Tinh, Director of Dac Loc Seafood Co., Ltd. was still sharing informa­tion and his own lessons learned with the delegation of Hai Phong who came to learn experienc­es in shrimp farming business. After that, he enthusiastically welcomed the VSA's delegation to visit the shrimp hatchery as planned. He said: "Until now, the company has won many titles and awards for commercial activities such as: Gold Cup - Vietnam Golden Qual­ity of Fisheries (2012, 2014); The Award of The Best Hatchery (2015 - 2016); The Vietnam Golden Rice Award II(2015); Top 10 Asia-Pacific Brand Product and Service (2016); Certificate of the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam (2016); The first high-tech agricul­tural enterprise in Phu Yen; Certifi­cation of Science and Technology Enterprise (2017)"

The hatchery of the company has achieved Global GAP standards since 2013. Now the grow-out shrimp farms are being applied the ASC standard. "When having the ASC standards, the company will easily export products to the international market, prices will be better and competitiveness will be stronger," said Tinh. Current­ly, Dac Loc is one of the leading companies in implementing so­cial responsibility in the local communities.

The delegate of Vietnam Seaculture Association visited shrimp hatchery of Dac Loc Seafood Co., Ltd.

Regarding the company's ori­entation, Director Tinh said: "It is necessary to apply high-tech in production to have good prod­ucts, develop sustainably, be friendly with environment. The es­sence of technology 4.0 is connec­tive so we need to link all relevant stakeholders in the chain includ­ing scientists, experts. The core of this connection is to find common ground and do useful things for community".

Owning a large area, the company made infrastructure in producing and hatching regular. Good prac­tices for bio-security for grow-out and hatchery were implemented systematicaly following interna­tional standards. Nursery systems, farming facilities (ponds, tanks), and other infrastructure are ar­ranged scientifically in accordance with international standards and the advices made by both domes­tic and foreign experts.

Mr Tinh added: "The design of the farm system was supported by CP-Group technical experts, so the scale and design of the farm can reach completely international technical standards’.'

For the applied modern technolo­gies in aquaculture, he expressed: "I am very passionated about sci­ence and technology. I always learn aquaculture related technologies. As I know, many countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Israel, and Thailand (CP) used RAS technolo­gy for aquaculture for many years. RAS technology in aquaculture is likely to be the main trend in order to reduce bad effects from aqua­culture. Dac Loc has worked with a number of international experts in this technology. Dac Loc wants to collaborate with more experts to improve and apply this technolo­gy in accordance with Vietnamese conditions, not only for lobster but also other high-value species."

He also added: "At present, some foreign aquaculture enterprises are applying modern technologies. Why can't we do it? Therefore, we need to approach and cooperate with our partners, experts and oth­er stakeholders to learn and trans­fer technology. The "technical bar­riers" to our seafood are essentially "standards". We have to overcome these barriers as such ASC certifica­tion, Global GAP, BAP etc

Shrimp industrial farm of Dac Loc Seafood Co., Ltd

The international standards strict­ly require the farm to meet food hygiene and safety, bio-safety, product quality, environmental and ecological friendship, so­cial responsibility,... In order to achieve certification, business needs to seriously adhere to the established criteria.

Mr. Tinh emphasized: "We should strictly follow and comply with cri­teria under the standard that enter­prises wish to apply. We also need a team of excellent consultants to en­sure that the business is in the right direction, the right process, avoids possible risks that may be occurred when the fulll assessment made for certification."

The environment has been al­ready overloaded in the tradition­al lobster farming water areas in the province as such the O Loan lagoon, Xuan Dai bay, Vung Ro bay... Dac Loc enterprise is trust­ed by the local government to conduct a research on advanced farming technology, reduce risks and environmental pollution; fi­nally to achieve sustainable lob­ster farming without degrading the environment and having no conflicts with other sectors.

Therefore, Dac Loc is very inter­ested in cooperating and looking for modern lobster farming tech­nology. At present, the company has been implementing this re­search under the framework of some projects funded by the cen­tral Government

"Dac Loc's responsibility is to carry out lobster farming onshore and on the open sea. This new project is not only for the company but also for the Vietnamese mariculture sector in general. To have solutions for sus­tainable lobster farming, we would like to cooperate, listen to the ad­vice of experts from the field of cage production, the operation of equip­ment, machinery, feed production, fingerlings, environment, aquatic disease, information technology application", added Mr. Tinh.

For developing high-tech appli­cations in aquaculture, he said:"Dac Loc will set up a Research and Development Center (R&D) which will do research on technological solutions to help many fish farmers. This center will be a technological bridge to connect the local experts to foreign experts. The company is upgrading some infrastructures such as nursery and other equip­ment for research works"

The delegate of Vietnam Seaculture Association took a photo when visiting Dac Loc Seafood Co., Ltd.

It's obviously recognized that businessman Le Huu Tinh is a very dynamic person, dares to think, dares to do, full of enthu­siasm not only with the business production of the company, but also with the whole fisheries sec­tor, socially responsible to the community. He desires to learn, update new science and technol­ogy. He is willing to share with the community and contribute social responsibility for a sustain­able marine environment.

He is really concerned about the difficulties and challenges of off­shore lobster farming (this is a problem not only for Vietnam). Definitely, he will probably suc­cess in the industry if there is a good connection, good organiza­tion between the partners - stake­holders, breeding, feed, farming technology, application of sci­ence and technology...

Perhaps not only the enterprises, the actors in the chain but also the local authorities are also ex­pecting for the linkage and cat­alytic role of the Vietnam Seacul­ture Association.

By Nguyen Ba Thong

Translated by Dieu Tu

Nguyen Ba Thong Coordinator

Vietnam Marine Science and Technology Cen­ter (SSTC)

Vietnam Seaculture Association (VSA)

Bachelor in Aquaculture

Master in International Fisheries Managemen

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